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Plan Your Ceremony
Ceremonies come in many forms and you can pretty much do what you like. It must
contain, of course, certain elements such as the "I do's and the pronouncement "I now
pronounce you ..." Below are guidelines to help you write your vows and create a ceremony
just for you. You can do it...need help just call me at 954-254-6216
A Wedding Ceremony Consists of
several separate elements. You
may want to use all or some of

Opening Words: We have come together
here today to celebrate the marriage of
______and _____
Use this section to thank your guest for
joining in your happy day, to say something
about why you are making the commitment
etc or for just whatever you wish to say to
your family and guests.
Invocation: Whatever you like, prayer etc
Address: How you found one another or
what marriage means to you. Something to
share with your guests.
Special Reading: verse, poem
Candle Lighting Service: Special
unity candle. Especially nice for second
marriages with small children.
Special Music:A nice selection here
helps to set the mood for the vows and also
adds a little length to the ceremony.
Vows:You can use the vows to the right or
write your own.
Blessing of the Rings:My favorite
here is "Like a circle with no ending may
these rings signify your never ending love.
May your rings forever be a reminder of this
day, this hour, this moment
Exchange of Rings:With this ring etc
Pronounce of Marriage:This would
be the pronounce in the short ceremony to
the right.
Simple Civil Marriage Ceremony
Couple must have valid License

To Groom "Do you take this woman to be your lawful
wedded wife, to live together in the Holy Estate of
Matrimony; to love, honor, comfort her and keep her in
sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep
you only unto her so long as you both shall live?"

(Groom answers "I do")

To Bride "Do you take this man to be your lawful
wedded husband to live together in the Holy Estate of
Matrimony, to love, honor, confort him and keep him
in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep
you only unto him so long as you both shall live?"

(Bride answers " I do")

Giving of rings. This can be done seperately or both
bride and grrom can place the rings on the other and
then repeat together'
"With this ring I thee wed in love and truth and with all
my worldly goods I thee endow."

Bride and Groom join hands and officiant pronounces
them husband and wife

"Inasmuch as _______(groom) and ______(bride) have
this day consented togehter in Holy Wedlock and have
given and pledged their troth each to the other in the
presence of this company, by virtue of the authority
vested in me under the laws of the State of Florida , I
now pronounce you Man and wife.

Basically this is just the vows portion and for longer
ceremonies the sections to the left can be added or you
can write this section.
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The ceremonies which we, at Simple Weddings, do are designed to be as meaningful as we can
possibly make them. We love to work with our clients to create a ceremony which is special to them
so we welcome your ideas, your input. If you think something is right for your ceremony, then it is.
Remember the day is yours. I change my ceremonies from time to time as I find things to include
which I like a little better and also to keep the ceremonies fresh for those of us doing the reading so
that we are at our best for you.
Our ceremonies are always well received and the comment I receive the most is "The ceremony was
just beautiful and meaningful." We love to hear that.
give and in giving know communion.
The institution of marriage was begun that a
man and a woman might through their joy,
their strength, their communion, become
creators of life itself.
Marriage is a high and holy state to be held in
honor among all men and women.
Marriage is a low and common state to be built
of the substance of daily life.
Men and women are not angels nor are they
gods. Love can become hatred. Joy can become
sorrow and marriage can become divorce.
But if we remember the vows and promises
that we make when we enter into the
institution of marriage...if we remember that
we are all imperfect, just as we make mistakes
and need to say I'm sorry we need to overlook
the mistakes of our mates and accept them as
they are. We need to always keep in mind that
a good love and a good marriage requires work
and effort on a daily basis.
All these things must be learned and practiced
if you are to be successful in the institution of

These sections are followed by an
Act of Faith/Question of Intent
Vows/Blessings of the Rings/
Exchange of Rings/Bible verse &
Pronouncement of Marriage.

Let us Pray
God we give thanks for all you have so
generously given us throughout our lives. We
thank you for this day and for the opportunity
for us to come together to be with Laura and Paul
and to be a part of and a witness to this
wonderful event in their lives.
We pray that theirs will be a happy and
successful union whcih will be an inspiration to
We pray that you will grant them joy and
happiness for all the good times alhead and also
strength, wisdom, and courage when the going
gets rough.
Show them the way through the trying times of
marriage when just a word spoken in anger can
create hurt feelings and build a wall between
them. Remind them that saying "I'm sorry. I was
wrong."can be five of the most important words
ever spoken.
Guide them, direct them, and bless them.

The Institution of Marriage
The institution of marriage was begun that a man
and a woman might learn how to love and in
loving know joy.
That a man and a woman might learn how to
share pain and in sharing know strength.
That a man and a woman might learn how to

Opening Words
We are here today to share in the celebration of
a marriage.
We are here to bear witness, as a man and a
woman promise to love, to support and to be
faithful to one another for the rest of their lives.
Laura and Paul, Although at times your marriage
may not be easy and you find problems which
you never thought you would encounter, if you
remember the promises and committment you
make here today, if you remember the love you
feel for one another as you make your vows,
then you can keep this love and understanding
of your marriage fresh and alive in the days and
years ahead.
You have come here today with varied life
experiences to join together as one.
Although you will be sharing one life, never
forget, you are two seperate people. Cherish
and affirm your differences just as you cherish
and affirm your love for one another.
Love one another, Keep your committment to
one another. Always be faithful to one another.
Together you will laugh and you will cry. You
will be sick and you will be well. You will be
happy and you will be sad. But through it all
you will share. And because you share, your
love for one another will grow.
Remember love, like life itself, is ever
changing.The love you feel today is not the love
you will feel tomorrow...or next week...or next
year. But, as you grow togehter, so too will
your love grow
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Question of Intent
Final Blessing
The readings listed here are just a sample of readings I have used in my ceremonies. I continually make changes so the
ceremonies are fresh to me. If I become too familiar with a ceremony it becomes less inspiring to those hearing it.
If you have readings, poetry, prayers which you like by all means let me know. I am more than happy to use things which
you select.