Changing Your Name

I get a lot of calls about how to go about changing the brides name after marriage and I have always tried to
be helpful and send people in the right direction.

I have now tried to put together a page of information to make it easier for all you brides who are faced with
the decisions about changing your name or if you wish to change your name.
There are many reasons why changing your name is a very big deal for all us females. it's a little unfair that
men are not, or have not in the past, been in the position of needing to make this change or the decision to
change. Below are some thoughts, some links and hopefully some good advise as you work your way through
this troublesome situation .

Good luck to you.

When you apply for your Marriage License you have the opportunity to order additional copies of the license
after it has been recorded. It might be worth your while to pay for more than one just so you have it. Most
places will accept a copy but some may not. Be prepared.

When I preform a wedding I retain a copy of the license in my files and I can always provide a copy of this but
it is not "recorded" (entered into the public records) which is what is done when I, or another officiant returns
the filled out license to the courthouse.

Now get ready for a tedious process if you decide to take your spouse's surname after marriage. You'll need
to notify various government agencies, financial institutions and insurance companies of your name change.
Think of all the people who you would need to notify if you change your address....all these and more will
probably need to be notified of your name change.

You can pay for a name-change kit or, and I am listing links to a couple of them.  This might make life a little
easier and it will not cost too much but you can also do it yourself. . Some places may require an in-person
visit to alter a name, while others will let you change it over the phone or by letter. Find out what the protocol is
for each place on your list, as the rules and documents required may vary. Make sure to update your address
at the same time if you moved to a new residence.

Here is a good place to start:
.        Get certified copies of your marriage license.
     Start with the Social Security Administration.
     Get a new driver's license.
     Update work records and benefits.
     Contact your bank.
     Notify creditors in order to link credit files.
     Continue down the list.

You'll need to file Form SS-5 with your local Social Security office to obtain a new Social Security card.
Notifying the Social Security Administration will also update the Internal Revenue Service of your new name.

      Contact your bank
Updating your name with your bank or credit union may require an in-person visit. For a name change on your
account, the bank will want to see your updated driver's license.
      Notify creditors in order to link credit files
If you don't tell lenders of your new moniker, you won't have a credit history under your married name, which
can pose a problem during a credit check.
Once notified, creditors will update their records and report the new information to the credit reporting
agencies. TransUnion spokesman Steve Katz says consumers don't need to notify the agencies directly.
Consumers should see the new name on their credit reports within a few months after contacting creditors.
If you're not sure which companies to contact, request a free copy of your credit report through

     Then contact the other places on your list, such as:
•        Landlord or mortgage company.
•        Other insurance accounts (auto, life, home, etc.).
•        Physicians' offices.
•        Professional licensing boards.
•        Investment accounts.
•        Your attorney (to update legal documents).
•        Utilities.
•        Passport office.
•        Post office.
•        Voter registration board.

I found this site which looks pretty good. For $29.95 they will furnish you with all the forms you need, (or so
they say).

For more information try the following links and I hope this all proves helpful to you. Thanks for visiting my site
and I hope you will share it with any friends who are planning to get married in the near future.

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