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Dressing For A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings seem to be getting more popular. I suspect the economy has a lot to do with it. As
people begin having to make harder choices about spending they look for less expensive ways to
accomplish those things which are important to them.
However some couples just dream of a small intimate beach wedding as their perfect wedding.

Couples who choose a beach wedding come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all nationalities. The
following advise applies to all. It is
what to wear for a beach wedding.

Some things apply anytime you are getting married on the beach. Other things apply depending on
the time of years you will be getting married.

Shoes on the beach
Remember you cannot walk gracefully on the beach in heels.
I see brides show up for a wedding on the beach in beautiful heels. And then I watch them try their
best to look dignified as they struggle through the sand. They will also be trying not to ruin their
Find yourself a really pretty pair of
sandals or plan on going barefoot. HOWEVER...if you are
getting married during the day, in the summer, the
sand gets really hot and you can easily burn
the bottoms of your feet.
Also consider the
matching bride and groom rubber sandals. These are really cute for totally
casual wedding.

Summer weddings

Brides Dress
Close your eyes and picture a wedding on the beach. Mine goes like this. The bride is wearing a
light cotton dress which billows as the ocean breeze catches it. The dress almost, but not quite,
reaches the sand. The
bride looks completely at ease and comfortable in her dress and after
they say
"I Do" as the groom walks into the surf with her in his arms the picture the photographer
gets is
picture perfect.

Now that's just my idea but I'll tell you why it's my idea.
I see far too many girls show up for a beach wedding, often in the heat of the day, in dresses made
of heavy material, too hot, too heavy. The dress dragging in the sand is not attractive, the bride is
sweating.and does not look confident or comfortable . Not the perfect picture.
My advice, you can be the most
beautiful beach bride ever in something comfortable and soft,
with just a circle of flowers in your hair or a small natural bouquet and barefoot or in sandals

Grooms Attire
In my "eyes closed wedding"....the groom is always dressed in white linen slacks and matching
casual shirt. He will be wearing heavy sandals and he looks wonderful.
Got that girls, he'll look like he just
stepped out of a romantic movie. And he will be very          
at ease, happy and comfortable  because he wasn't required to don a tux or suit so his day will
just be that much better.

Winter Weddings
For the most part of the year the above choice of clothing works really well.
If you are getting married in January or February (usually our coldest months) it can sometimes get
pretty chilly on the beach. Especially if you are planning a sunrise wedding.I still suggest more
informal clothing, not anything that is floor length and with sandals but you will want to consider
having a
wrap of some type just in case.

I perform beach weddings mostly in the Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood with an occasional south
Beach or Palm Beach wedding and I love beach weddings. They are by far my favorites.
If you are planning a wedding in the south Florida area, on the beach or at another location if I can
be of service to preform your ceremony or just to answer your questions please contact me.
Tele: 954-254-6216 or