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How To Make My Beach Wedding More Memorable

There may be several reasons why you have decided to get married on the beach. Some
of the ones I've heard from couple over the years include:

We wanted to our wedding to be
just us.
Our plans were getting
out of control
If we had the wedding where we live we could not limit the guests
We're going on a cruise for our honeymoon (fr Ft Lauderdale departure)
pregnant and we just need to do it quickly
I need to put him/her on my

That's just a few of them. But no matter why you are having a simple beach wedding you
can still
make it special with just a little planning.

As to making it look special...

You can do that by making a
heart shape in the sand and filling in the outline with rose
Please  use  bio-degradable petals. Remember whatever you put there will probably end
up in the ocean. Use real petals when possible, they will stay put better because they are
heavier and they will disintegrate . You can use freeze dried petals as well but they will blow
away faster.

Purchase long stem flowers  with heavy stems and stick them into the sand in a heart
shape or circle. You will stand inside the flowers during your ceremony. (same with the
heart with roses)

Decorate a pair of tiki torches with flowers and ribbon and stand between them (as an arch
without a top)

A Wedding Feast

If circumstances allow...pack a picnic (breakfast, lunch, dinner) whichever applies, bring a
blanket, sneak in a bottle of wine, get a pretty cupcake and top it with a cute little
something and you can make your simple wedding into a romantic interlude.
There really is no end to what you can create, on a total shoestring, with just a little thought.

Ask your wedding officiant if they can provide flowers or the tiki's or even a picnic. It is
surprising what people will do to help you out if you just ask. You may get a no but it's still
worth asking.

Remember no matter how small or inexpensive your wedding is going to be, with a little
thought and creativity it can be memorable.
Write your own vows or just a few special lines, select a poem or reading which is
important to you and ask your officiant to include it in your wedding ceremony. If you are
having guests  do any of them sign or play an instrument. If so ask them if they would like to
take part in the wedding. Ask someone to write and read something special for you or just
read a special verse.

No matter how small make your wedding memorable.
Make it something you will remember always.
Make it truly your special day.

If I can help just contact me