E-Harmony Love Story
August 8, 2010
Catherine and Bobby

Catherine contacted me to be her officiant for her wedding in West
Palm Beach. We had a great conversation over the phone and we
both felt like we had known one another for years by the time we
finished our conversation.
She and Bobby had arranged to hold their wedding ceremony and
small reception in the community room of the apartment complex
where her son and daughter-in-law lived. Her brother and son and a
few other volunteers had done a great job of creating a nice wedding
atmosphere and Catherine's son Omari had done the cooking and it
was delicious. Real down home food. Really fine.
After the ceremony and before we ate Catherine said she wanted to
say something to everyone.
Her Story...
Years ago, after ending a bad marriage she was in a very low place in
her life. She wrote a letter to God asking for his help. She ask God that
if he ever sent her someone to love she would like him to give her a
sign. The sign was to have something to do with her Grandmothers
birth date. Time passed and after years of living alone she signed up
for E-Harmony. After spending  what seemed like days and weeks of
filling out information and after being matched with men who weren't
right for her along comes Bobby. After a lot of communication and
finally deciding to meet he asked her out. The date he picked for their
first date was her grandmothers birth date.
A little extra. Catherine lived way beyond the distance Bobbie has put
in his requirements. Looks like it was just meant to be.
Congratulations Bobby and Catherine.
Meet Catherine and Bobby,

I have it on the best of
authority that
really works and Catherine
and Bobby are living proof.  

As a matter of fact there
were three couples in this
one family ( in attendance at
this wedding) who had been
successful finding their mate
at the popular online dating