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Weddings on a Budget
Have you known couples who have large elaborate weddings and then start married life
on a shoestring?
Have you heard brides say that what started out as their wedding turned out to be the
wedding their mother wanted because she was paying the bills?
These are just a couple of reasons to
"have your wedding Your Way". Pay for it
yourself if need be in order to keep it Your Way. It doesn't need to be expensive to be
We want to share with you ideas of how to have a beautiful and memorable wedding
that is affordable.
Remember Planning is the key to a Successful Wedding day no matter the size
of your budget.
Here in south Florida we have many
beautiful public parks and thanks to our
great climate we can make use of them
throughout the year. If you are outdoor
type people what could be more beautiful
than a wedding under the trees. You can
follow it up with a really glamorous
catered picnic complete with all the
beautiful trimmings or you can be
creative ( and if funds are scarce save
money) by having each guest bring a
covered dish as their way to truly take
part in your great day. If you chose the
covered dish reception you will need
someone to see to the arrangements. You
will need to reserve the park pavilion,
arrange for table settings and drinks.
Don't forget the Cake.
 May I suggest a
cake from Publix  Supermarkets.
Their cakes are really good and it is
so easy and convenient to order and
pick them up.
Beach Wedding
If you are planning a small intimate
wedding ceremony, and again if you
are an outside person, you might want
to consider a sunrise wedding at the
beach. On the west coast of Florida a
sunset wedding could be equally
Locate a beach with picnic facilities
and plan for your wedding guests to
be served breakfast with champaign
as you watch the sun rise (or set). You
wedding will be one which will stand
out in the memory of all in attendance.
If funds are available find someone to
cater your event. If funds are tight
consider ordering ahead at a good
breakfast diner and have someone
pick the food up in a stryrofoam
cooler which will keep the food hot
until time to eat.

I can usually recommend a nice
beach area close to where you are
staying in the Fort Lauderdale,
Hollywood, Pompano, Deerfield
Anywhere Wedding
As our slogan says...just name the
place and we'll be there.
Remember, when planning your
wedding, it is your day. It should
reflect what you are about.
Somehow, actually with the help of
the wedding industry, we have
come to think elaborate when we
think wedding. And there is nothing
wrong with that if it is what you
want to do...but... remember you
can be creative and think "outside
the box" when it comes to your
special day. We all have special
songs, special places, special
words. Incorporate all your
"Specials" into making your day one
that will stand out among all the
other weddings.
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