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    The Simple Wedding

    The History of the Hawaiian Lei

    The lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early
    Polynesian voyagers, who took an incredible journey from Tahiti,
    navigating by the stars in sailing canoes. With these early settlers
    the lei tradition in Hawaii was born.
    With the advent of tourism in the islands, the lei quickly became the
    symbol of Hawaii to millions of visitors worldwide.

    During the "Boat Days" of the early 1900s, lei vendors lined the pier
    at Aloha Tower to welcome malihini (visitors) to the islands and
    kama'aina (locals) back home. It is said that departing visitors would
    throw their lei into the sea as the ship passed Diamond Head, in the
    hopes that, like the lei, they too would return to the islands again
    Lei Etiquette

    There are very few "rules" when it comes to wearing a Hawaiian lei.
    Anyone can wear one, anytime - there need not be an occasion. It is
    perfectly fine for one to purchase or make a lei for themselves. It is
    common for locals to have a nut, seed or shell lei on hand to wear
    on special occasions. And hats are often adorned with flower, fern or
    feather leis.

    There are, however, a couple of "unspoken rules" one should know
    when receiving a lei for the first time. A lei should be a welcomed
    celebration of one person's affection to another. Therefore, always
    accept a lei, never refuse. The proper way to wear a lei is gently
    draped over the shoulders, hanging down both in front and in back.
    It is considered rude to remove a lei from your neck in the presence
    of the person who gave it to you, so if you must, be discreet.

    And yes it is quite alright to purchase or create a Lei for yourself and
    wear it anytime you like. It will put a smile on your face.
    Lara, Lloyd and me at their
    Hawaiian wedding on the grounds
    of the Bahia Mar Hotel in Fort
    Lauderdale. This beautiful little
    park like area, located in back of
    the hotel, on the Intracoastal
    makes such a perfect place for a
    small ceremony.. The flowers were
    flown in from Hawaii. I was so
    excited about receiving an
    authentic Hawaiian Lei. It was a
    first for me but Lara and Lloyd
    lived in the islands for several
    years and wanted to recreate the
    feeling of being in Hawaii for their
    wedding. It was really nice and I will
    remember it .
    When I was contacted by Lara and Lloyd regarding their wedding, iI was told that they would be having a small Hawaiin
    wedding in Fort Lauderdale. The original plan was to have the ceremony on the beach but as the time arrived the
    beach across from the Bahia Mar was very busy ...and it was HOT.
    Lloyd called me shortly before the scheduled time to say they would like to use the nice area located in back of the
    hotel just beside the water but in an area complete with palms, tropical plants and a small, very natural looking pond of
    water with a little fountain.
    I was quite happy for the change because I was not looking forward to a hot afternoon on the beach.
    I met Lloyd and a friend at the entrance to the little park and was presented, by Lloyd, a beautiful lei of yellow
    plumeria, (also known as fransypansy. (sp) The fragrance was fantastic..
    They had ordered, not only the Leis but loose flowers as well. These were strewn along the walkway and in the area
    where the bride and groom stood. It was a beautiful wedding.
    How you can Create Your Hawaiin Wedding.
    Have you dreamed of getting married in Hawaii? Many people do but the price can be a little stiff and now with the
    economy as it is it would be even more difficult. However...If you are getting married in south Florida you already
    have the background for your FLORIDA HAWAIIAN WEDDING.
    We have so many places here in the Fort Lauderdale area . Places like the Bahia Mar or the Lago Mar are really well
    suited for a tropical wedding. There is the Sundy House in Delray, and Flamingo Gardens just west of Fort
    Lauderdale. There is a park called Robbins preserve near Flamingo. In north Broward there is Fern Forest which has
    a great building which provides an outside area (under roof) perfect for the ceremony and an largr room well set up
    for a reception. These are but  few of the locations that come to mind but there are many more. Just look around
    you, if you live here, check out the little parks in your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless.

    Now for your flowers. I am including two links to florists in Hawaii that ship flowers. The lei which I received was
    very fresh after having made it's long trip.
    Dressing For the Ocassion:
    This wedding can save you money on your attire. No need for renting a tux for him or an expensive wedding
    gown. Also you will be comfortable in your cotton, softly flowing clothing. White for your both. And shoes...
    what could be better than white rubber sandals, flip flops if you will. By all means get the ones that say
    bride and groom or dress the brides sandals up with jewels.
    Are You Inspired Yet?
    I hope I have given you a couple of ideas for creating a wonderful, memorable,  wedding. A wedding that is within
    your budget and still fulfilles your dreams. It can be done. I see it over and over again when I provide ceremonies for
    About Your Ceremony
    When I work with couple in the preparation of their ceremony I encourage them to have input into the ceremony.
    Just tell me what your favorite readings are, write your own vows and if there are children be sure to include them in
    the big day.
    I would love to be your OFFICIANT and if I can offer help or advise please give me a call at 954-254-6216. I would
    love to hear from you. Till then ALOHA...

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