Contract For Wedding Officiant Services

This is a contract for Wedding Officiant services to be provided by The Simple Wedding.

Officiant will be ______________________________________________________
Donna Merritt Wedding Officiant  or Jorge Smith Wedding Officiant

Ceremony will be performed in __________________________________________
English or Spanish or both

Date of Ceremon____________________________________________________

Location of Ceremony________________________________________________

Time (this is the time the ceremony will start)________________________________
We will arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to ceremony so be certain that the time you schedule is the actual time. There will be an
extra charge for ceremonies starting more than 30 minutes late.

What type of Ceremony do you require____________________________________
Religious , Civil,  Spiritual

How many guest will there be___________________________________________

Brides Name_______________________________________________________

Grooms Name______________________________________________________

Mailing Address____________________________________________________

Cell phone for the day of the ceremony___________________________________

Other phone numbers________________________________________________

Please list any other services (ie) photography, sand ceremony, unity candle etc) which you would
like to have included. Also if there are special readings, poems, vows please list those as well

Please be advised of the following.A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve a dateand time.
The balance is due,
in cash, the day of the ceremony.Please have your marriage license
and the balance of the fee available to present to officiant prior to ceremony.
If your ceremony is late in starting we will give a grace period of 30 minutes. After
that there is an additional fee of $25.00 for each 30 minutes (or portion thereof) that
the ceremony is held up. This fee is due prior to starting the ceremony. I am sorry to
feel the need to add this fee but so many weddings are starting well after the time scheduled.
Remember we are providing a service and our pricing is based on time.

Signature  of person contracting for Services.__________________________________
Print Name_____________________________________Phone_________________

Donna Merritt ______________________________________________
5644 E Marina Dr. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33312
Call 954-254-6216 or email
Print out form, sign and send with deposit. Be sure to call or email to check availability of date.

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