The Wedding Officiant or Celebrant
If you are getting married there is one person you cannot do without. That
would be the person who will perform your wedding ceremony.
This person may be a Priest or Minister or Rabbi if you are affiliated with a
church or synagogue or whomever is recognized  to perform such duties in
any other religion.
Many people do not attend church regularly or perhaps the couple are of
different religious backgrounds. There can be any number of reason why a
person other than a cleric attached to a particular church is needed or
desired to perform the wedding ceremony.
This is the case when an officiant or celebrant can handle the duties quite
People who are permitted to legally marry a couple vary from state to state.In
some states there are people who serve as Justice of the Peace who can
perform weddings, in Florida and two other states those who are registered
as Notaries perform marriages. Also Judges and boat Captains perform
wedding ceremonies.
I often hear someone in attendance say "Well I am a notary, I could have
married them for nothing". This is true but remember you usually get what
you pay for and many people (friends) would be willing to perform your
ceremony. However performing a wedding ceremony is a little like any other
performance. The officiant is "onstage" doing their performance and their
ability and grace goes a long way to making your wedding a memorable
Be sure to pick someone who you feel comfortable with and who is easy to
work with.
There is also the creation of a ceremony. If I do say so it takes a bit of talent
to create lovely, meaningful ceremonies and the longer one practices the
trade the better one gets. Hopefully.
I have been creating and performing wedding ceremonies for several years
and I know that I do a much better job now than when I started.
The ceremonies Which I create are of a higher quality than when I first
started and wasn't sure of myself.
I write all the ceremonies which are used at The Simple Wedding even those
which Jorge perform.
People have told me that when they were married their officiant wouldn't
even give them a copy of anything which was said at their wedding. I give
each of my couples a copy of their ceremony as a keepsake. If people copy
it then I consider it a compliment.
If you want to truly make your ceremony personal provide your officiant with
special readings or vows to include in your ceremony. Invite friends or family
to read  bible verses or poetry doing the ceremony or have someone sing or
play music for you. The more you put into your ceremony the more
memorable it will be for you.
And one other little thing...remember to schedule your officiant early on. You
can't get married without someone to say "I now pronounce you husband
and wife" And Congratulation....Donna

The Wedding Officiant/Celebrant
You're Getting Married, Congratulations
In this section you will find articles relating to preparing for your wedding and hopefully
hints and suggestions which can help make the planning, leading upto your wedding go
more smoothly and also save you money.
Some of what you will find is just general information whcih may be needed.