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What started out, a few years ago, as an occasional thing has
become a wonderful, fulfilling life for me as a wedding  
officiant. I usually perform weddings as a notary (justice of the
peace for you northern folks) however I am also ordained,
non-demoninational as a wedding minister.
I feel that a civil ceremony should be far more than just "do
you take etc" and
I try to find a way to make each and
every ceremony special and right for the couple getting
I have found a very nice male officiant in Jorge. He also does
the Spanish ceremonies
and he is very well liked by all his
brides and grooms.
He too works very hard to make the moment special and
And to round out our group there is lovely
Sarah, our
photographer. She does a wonderful job of capturing the
moment on camera both during the ceremony and for posed
pictures afterwards. She loves doing beach weddings
especially sunrise. The pictures taken then are really great
with the sun coming up over the ocean. If you are a morning
person, persons in this case you might want to consider it.
See more about the three of us on the "about us" page.
Thank you again for visiting our web site and we hope to hear
from you...Donna
WE all know that getting married can be very expensive but at Simple Weddings we work
with many couples who are having  small intimate beach weddings, or home weddings on a
strict budget.
.Don't fail to have pictures made. Even with just the two of you on a beach you
can have beautiful pictures and we offer professional
wedding photography at a budget
Take a peek at Sarah's Photo's  and see for yourself.

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I had the opportunity to
Officiate at the Valentine's
Day Wedding and Vow
Renewals at the Hard Rock
Casino in Hollywood Fl.
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Providing Wedding Officiants in Fla
Have you seen a White Dove release at a
wedding? It is beautiful.
To schedule a pair or a flock of white doves to
be released at your wedding get in touch with

Kim's doves are homing birds and will return
safely home after the release. NEVER buy
birds for release from a pet shop. They have no
home to return to and will die after release.

If you are planning a wedding in the Fort
Lauderdale area I hope you will give me a call and let
me work with you to create a lovely and memorable
Simple Wedding at your location. We have so many
beautiful locations, here in the area and many, like
our beautiful beaches which can cost you nothing for
their use.
I have many great ides, here on my website, to help
you create a beautiful yet inexpensive wedding. Guests
love beach weddings where they can dress comfortably
and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while helping
you make beautiful memories.
There is so much you can do, little extras that will
make your wedding special. A Heart of Red Rose
pedals, Stones or Shells with blessing written by
guests and thrown into the surf in a simple little
ceremony, A Sand Ceremony which can include
children, Drawing a heart in the sand with your
initials. These and many more ideas which make a
beach wedding so very Special.
A release of Doves is also special...see below.
I hope to hear from you.